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Leading in to the lead and out

With the lead securely fitted, I had to make a ‘shoe’ that would lead the water into the lead and back out the stern, making the bottom hydrodynamical sound. I chose to use 16mm ply and laminated it on the … Continue reading

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More snot and disco skirts

Oh joy I am back on the fibreglass! A mixed blessing fibreglass is. The unarguable protection it provides makes it a necessity, but dealing with it is not fun. The cloth is so slippery it slides out your hand like … Continue reading

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Squeezing snot through a disco skirt

L.Francis Herresshoff, a cunning boat designer and master of the compromise, as well personal hero of mine, described epoxy as “congealed snot”. He was not far from the truth. It is not the most pleasant of beasts to work with. … Continue reading

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‘Glassing the centerboard case

The first major fiberglassing is underway, pumping the resin is clearly the most strenuous aspect of this job. I made a squeegee out of 3mm ply rounded all the edges and poured the mix straight on and wet it from … Continue reading

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