Squeezing snot through a disco skirt

L.Francis Herresshoff, a cunning boat designer and master of the compromise, as well personal hero of mine, described epoxy as “congealed snot”. He was not far from the truth. It is not the most pleasant of beasts to work with.

Firstly you need to suit up, (I have developed a sensitivity to the stuff from years of not suiting up), then you need to add barrier cream, gloves, mask etc. Then you get to mix the stuff: pump, stir, pump stir, never being allowed to lose count….blah. The stir stir stir, wait wait wait, pour pour pour, oops getting hot in the hand: new mix time.

Then comes the laying out of the “disco” cloth (fibreglass) – it shines like a metallic rayon skirt from the ’70s. This feels lovely and soft, but you know when it hardens with that epoxy: it will cut you, make you itch, even give you cancer if you sand it unprotected! Holy moses!

The bigger the boat, the more you need.

Aside from the beastly nature of firbreglass, this little gift of modern technology makes the end product so much easier to live with, your boat will be strong, light, durable, easy to maintain and if you have done it correctly, the fibreglass is invisible showing the wood which it protects.

If life was all beer and skittles, we’d be drunk bowlers!

Wetted-out fibreglass cloth for the inside of the centerboard case.

About paulatkins

I own a 3rd generation family businss printing for lovers of photography. My favourite hobby is building and sailing wooden boats.
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