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Part canoe.

Not bad for 2.5 days and one mistake!

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The error

This is the 2mm almost sunk us.

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Buggered a butt.

We made a mistake and did a crocked join, so we have to de-butt the boat.

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Glue is dry.

pleasingly so our aging epoxy collection has delivered joints.

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And now i am canoe building!

just to really avoid my project I am in Geelong at my bestie’s (herr Jansen) house building with him a Storer “Eureka” canoe. poor Michael Jansen lost his mum last week, so we are in boat therapy together.

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First big opportunity to get rolling and…..

We went sailing:

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Paul gets wood

Monday the 16th August it arrives. After months of anticipation a courier truck backs up the driveway bearing 900kgs of gaboon plywood. Most of the sheets have tiny slices made by a computer controlled laser, which makes it a treat … Continue reading

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