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My god months pass!

I have been doing everything. Including boat work. Just letting you know, I’m alive and happy, the boat is looking fair and is progressing. My career as a blogger and social media magnate has waned at the expense of some … Continue reading

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Laser beam vs desk chair

That is a ‘link bait’ title, because I never got a chance to test the chair, but Ayliffe assures me it is the way to go. So I need to mark the “waterline”, a key and mostly critical line on … Continue reading

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Still topping.

It is funny how I cannot give up being anxious over this hull bottom. If I were to sit with a psychiatrist I am sure they would diagnose some sort of obsession mixed with fear of completion. I am rationalising … Continue reading

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I’ve had a great couple of months with more than average time given to the build. You have to counter some seriously heavy stress at work with some serious boat building. The keelson was fitted over the centreboard with a … Continue reading

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Winter gunk

It seems as though everything is gumming up. My sinuses have been on the fritz for the past month, making a trip to the east coast of the United States interesting. Nothing like peak summer in New York with a … Continue reading

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Feels like progress.

I must say how pleasing this step is. Seeing the topsides dry fitted really feeds the mental image of what I am building. It also rewards all of the hard fairing work that I have been doing; you set those … Continue reading

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Tying it all up dry.

It took a bit of thinking and a few phone calls to decide not to by a gazillion clamps (although the tool collector in me got excited). With a lot of bulkheads and some tight curves the chine logs and … Continue reading

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