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Getting the floors sorted

The hull bottom is made from three layers 200mm wide strips of 6mm ply, cold moulded, the first layer runs perpendicular to the centre line, the second and third are planked opposed diagonally . This creates a very strong self … Continue reading

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Goolwa Wooden Boat Festival 2017

Here are some photos from the 2017 Goolwa Wooden Boat Festival.

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On worry.

Or do I mean procrastination? You have read many posts about sanding and fairing, and this is one more, potentially the last (for both our sakes, I hope so). You put the faring batten on the hull, you look for deviations … Continue reading

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So many tips!

If you are prone to help videos, and general boaty building information, you absolutely must watch ALL of these videos on this fab YouTube channel, Tips from a Shipwright. Shipwright Louis Sauzedde is a wonderful personality, and incredibly skilled with his … Continue reading

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I’ve had a great couple of months with more than average time given to the build. You have to counter some seriously heavy stress at work with some serious boat building. The keelson was fitted over the centreboard with a … Continue reading

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When fairing, there is a lot of eye-balling and squinting, there is little to measure, it is a great challenge. You imagine how you could be handicapping the boat’s performance with a lumpy underwater profile. The objective is to create … Continue reading

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Planned and executed in military style.

I wish I could describe more of my boat construction in this way. Unfortunately, I often leave out a detail or two and find myself scrambling with epoxy-clad hands for a tool, which is great for the patina of the … Continue reading

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A great solution.

I have always failed to cut consistently, there is something gammy about the way my arm and hand works. I have tried every saw that I can reasonably put my hands on, but the results are rarely satisfactory. I am … Continue reading

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Feels like progress.

I must say how pleasing this step is. Seeing the topsides dry fitted really feeds the mental image of what I am building. It also rewards all of the hard fairing work that I have been doing; you set those … Continue reading

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Where I left off.

I slowed down when the doubt concerning fairing the bulkheads, sheer clamps and chine logs arose. The eight or so hours I worked on the boat during these past two months did little to beat the doubt. Here is a … Continue reading

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