Lead faeries and filler

The lead fairy delivered

Forgive me friends for the pace of the posts. Better something than nothing I say!

It has been a slow six months of building, but satisfying. I decided to fair the hell out of the hull, the bottom is the bottom and I’ve called that fair, the topsides are the focus of my energy.

I cannot imagine why I thought I could ignore them earlier, I suppose the bottom was so in need, it made the sides appear better than they were. A mixture of advice from my mentors I decided to ignore, and went with what I could live with. So I’m back on the torture board. My wrists are crying for a rest, I’ve probably developed ‘carpool tunnel’ but all is looking good, according to the batten.

I was donated a big bag of light weight filler, but it was a tad lumpy, and double sifting it still produced a gritty mix, which is ok for filling big areas but not for skim coats. Winter too has been making it difficult with drytimes longer and sags more prevalent. Lots of putting it on and taking it off.

Saggy winter light weight filler

I got so jack of seeing the filler fall to the ground as I sanded it, I decided to try and use the dust in the sanding extractor as filler. Not a good idea. There was just enough detritus that it was awful to sand, and left a limestone look,  complete with tiny objects of interest embedded.

The good fairy (Robert Ayliffe) delivered two gifts to make my life better; one is a loan of his Festo large sander, what a great tool that is, below is a picture of it. It is both vicious and dainty, like all good things.

Robert's loan to me.

He also made a delivery in the night, as you can see pictured at the head of this post, a pile of lead ingots, ready for my external ballast! What a great gift. Lead is not cheap, and I’m on the scrounge. If you have lead, I am buying. Thank you Robert!

Most recently I’ve used a fresh bag of light weight filler with Boatcote epoxy to fill all of the weave of the fiberglass around the hull. Once I have sanded that, I’ll, check the fairing again. Hopefully I can move onto making the lead into attachable ballast. This will involve some backyard casting. If I go mad in the process, finish the boat for me please.

Thin coat of LWF to fill the weave

One more bit of news, I may have a trailer for this boat at a brilliant price….progress!

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I own a 3rd generation family businss printing for lovers of photography. My favourite hobby is building and sailing wooden boats.
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