Bottom progress

First layer bottom plank looking port aft First layer bottom plank looking port forward First layer bottom plank looking stbd forward First layer bottom plank looking stbd to portI am pleased to announce my priorities are in order and I have been doing work on my boat, but not my blog.

It has been slow progress, and as usual, slower than expected and requiring more fancy thinking than expected.

I have been vacillating  over dealing with the gap between the flat keelson and the curve of the new stealth bottom. The 6mm ply makes a graceful but shallow arc that touches each edge of the 2o0mm wide keelson and lifts off it by about 6mm in the centre. The choice was to fit a piece of timber in there and shape it to the curve, or use the magic of epoxy.

I thought about it too much, then felt bad about not doing anything, then decided to go with epoxy because I was sick of my indecisive state and it seemed easier.

I am using a lot of thickened epoxy (e-glue). It is working and seems to be very strong. In hindsight I would probably have laminated a piece of 6mm ply to the keelson and shaped that. But….

Another decision I have had to make on the fly is;  the first layer of  strips of 6mm planking don’t exactly fit nicely edge to edge. This happens when one strip is on bulkhead and the adjacent one is not, the former always sits higher and makes a curve, the latter flattens between the touch points. I have discovered that by propping up the latter, you can make them join nicely, they will bend and stretch the few millimetres to match.

I have decided to not edge glue the planks on this first pass, this allows them to flex when I put the second diagonal layer on. I do prop them into position when gluing to ensure they sit on the chine logs, in the epoxy, at the right angle. I will edge glue them either when I am putting the second layer on, or when the boat is up the other way and I am working on the floor. That decision can wait.

Meanwhile it’s fun rapid progress, three planks at a session. Three planks equates to a single mix of thin epoxy to pre coat all of the glue surfaces. I could probably stretch it to four planks, but that would take away from the time needed to admire my work and drink tea.

About paulatkins

I own a 3rd generation family businss printing for lovers of photography. My favourite hobby is building and sailing wooden boats.
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  1. You might be putting your time and energy into making the boat but it will be great for us to see the process of making it here!

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