Feels like progress.

Half boat, half skeleton!

I must say how pleasing this step is. Seeing the topsides dry fitted really feeds the mental image of what I am building. It also rewards all of the hard fairing work that I have been doing; you set those sheets on and they kiss the bulkheads in just the right way…

So it is worth spending the additional time on the fairing, and it is worth not worrying too much about little gaps. I have managed the gaps by screw-clamping only where there is contact, and not pulling it in tight. By drawing the screws tight I will distort the topsides, so the gluing will need to go slowly.

I have set the clamping distances by eye attempting to minimise the number of clamps thus allowing the ply to find it’s fair curve. Heavy close-together clamping will create small divets. It feels “zen” leaving the wood to do it’s thing.

Port topside half dry fitted, bow looking aft.

Inside my head, I am still planning the glue up. I have read the posts on the forum and asked Chris Dearden and Robert Ayliffe many times. My concern is; do I butt join off the boat and use a team to fit it? Do I attach a butt to one end of each sheet first and put the sheets on one at a time? Do I do it all wet at once to maximise the chance of fair joins?

I suppose the easiest will be to work one panel at a time, but do it in one day. Keep it all wet, add the butts as I go. This should be three person job (one mixing, one cleaning up, one fitting).

From the starboard side.

Robert suggests I dry fit and assess the joins to see what is needed. This is what I am doing. The first fit is great, the butt should pull in sweetly. Hopefully this is sign of things to come!

About paulatkins

I own a 3rd generation family businss printing for lovers of photography. My favourite hobby is building and sailing wooden boats.
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7 Responses to Feels like progress.

  1. MIchael Jansen says:

    Oh my you have been busy. This is now starting to look like the real thing. The careful work on the frame is really starting to pay off now. If you can wait till the end of Febuary I can put aside some time to come over for a few days to help glue up.

    • paulatkins says:

      Feels good Mike.

      I have a slight bend in the bulkheads which I need to fix, then dry run on the other side, plus cut the butt pieces, so it may work out…

      Whachoo coming over for?

  2. Michael Jansen says:

    Coming over to help you! many hands will make light work of this. I might be able to bring the canoe so we can give it a trial run…

  3. Geoff Heriot says:

    Good on you, Paul. It’s wonderful to see the progress. I’ll do you a big favour and promise NOT to try to help.


  4. Tom Henson says:

    Really starting to come on now paul! Well done so far 🙂

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