Inner stem almost done!

Last weekend I finished laminating the chine logs and sheer clamps thanks to the help of a mysterious individual who should have been doing something else. <thank you Geoff the builder who stopped building our house to help with my boat>

The mysterious individual had a command of spreading epoxy that I can only dream of, he whipped out 3 meters of herringbone pattern schmeer quicker than I could butter a piece of toast.

Geoff had been watching on since he landed on our building site back in March, offering encouragement and advice and listening to my amateur rants about wood construction. His two brothers and nephew have popped their heads in the shed during their work breaks, but had kept their distance from the actual labour because my lovely wife is running the house build and has a better sense of priorities than I do.

So this week I waited for the epoxy to cure and rested my strained back knowing the next task would be a real thrill, fairing the sides and stem to take the outer plywood skin. Fairing the stem is a satisfying task, you take an ugly laminated lump of scrap ply and make a magic pointy front thing out of it.

It took most of Saturday’s build time, but it felt goooood.

Rough sawn to a line.

Finished and pointy.

About paulatkins

I own a 3rd generation family businss printing for lovers of photography. My favourite hobby is building and sailing wooden boats.
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2 Responses to Inner stem almost done!

  1. MIchael Jansen says:

    This indeed is starting to look like a real boat now. We will be in the water by Christmas.

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