Stem concentration.

The stem is laminated and sitting in place, it is quite the lump of epoxy ply, I am sure it will withstand many inadvertent bumps. What is causing the all the concentration is how it goes from the lump to a graceful cutwater.

Somehow the chine logs and the sheer clamps guide me to shape the stem. So I have spent a week ensuring they can pass over the bulkheads unimpeded, and the port one fairly glides into the back of the rough stem block.

This represents another feat of amazement, because if you note in the second picture, you will see the inner chine log falling precisely to the centre of the stem. By precise, I mean spot on. Not a millimetre either side…

The gig accuracy continually astounds me.

About paulatkins

I own a 3rd generation family businss printing for lovers of photography. My favourite hobby is building and sailing wooden boats.
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