Christmas magic.

My dear friend, Michael Jansen, and I had a plan for a $20 gift challenge. The plan did not have any limits besides the dollar value. A fair idea. Actually a great idea to challenge both of us and minimise expenditure.

So how did it work out….

Without any conspiracy, we purchased the same tool, from different stores, branded differently, and in a different colour, but they clearly come from the same factory as they both are identical.

The tool is a honing guide for planes and chisels, I paid $14 and Michael paid $20. Funny! It works a treat, I rectified 20 years of poor sharpening by squaring up a block plane blade and imparting a crisp 30degree bevel. Magic!

Present magic.

About paulatkins

I own a 3rd generation family businss printing for lovers of photography. My favourite hobby is building and sailing wooden boats.
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2 Responses to Christmas magic.

  1. This is evidence that if Kate and I ever die in the same car accident (driving home from a shopping expedition and crushed to death by the purchases on the parcel shelf) you and Michael need to move in together and live happily honing each other’s blades. Or some other euphemism. You are truly a match made in heaven.
    Carol (aka Mrs Michael Jansen) xxx

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