A gift arrives

I have this friend whom I have known from kindy, Michael Jansen is his name. he lives in the next state over (8 hours drive) but we have this relationship that does not account for the distance. We may have a two word conversation and add more words a month later, often a seemingly random text message such as ‘funemnx” will result in a belly laughing from the recipient. There is so much understanding that often a year goes by with nothing being said.

So we are all 40 this year. My year is being enhanced by this boat project, Michael’s has been scarred by the loss of his Mum and all the trauma this is likely to bring. Add to this: Mike’s work (upper management) in a multi national is in a mess because a new project was derailed while he was literally at his Mum’s funeral….you get the picture.

So we cannot get together to mark the 40th for either of us, we skyped last night for the unboxing of my gift from Michael and his worship-worthy wife Carol, and shared a glass of the best over the internet.

The gift: a Lie Neilsen low angle smoothing plane. Fantastic, just what I need to work the plywood. The real trump with this piece of heirloom is the adjustable mouth allowing for it to plane endgrain without ripping out chunks. That Jansen is a thinker!

After a drink or two, I made this video for Michael. Thanks cobber for the great gift, wish you were here to play with it (I would even loan you the ‘happy sock’ it came in).

About paulatkins

I own a 3rd generation family businss printing for lovers of photography. My favourite hobby is building and sailing wooden boats.
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