Old tools still performing

One of my true joys is to use the tools my grandfather’s father owned, (I really enjoy just looking at them). These are not top shelf, rolls-royce tools, but due to the reality of hand tools, they last and they work, they really work.

I unscrewed the plane iron after knocking out the blade, passed it quickly over the oil stone for good measure, tuned the iron, replaced the parts and reset the blade.
A tap on the back of the jack plane backs out the blade, and a tap on the nose (right on the leather spot) moves the blade down. How elegant.

At some stage, and I believe it was my paint-happy grandfather, these tools got some serious paint, the blue of the jack plane stands out well against the red of the mallet. The mallet red is a the red paint he strongly favoured, actually I have a great quantity of red handled tools. He told me it was to clearly identify his tools, perhaps it was a very large tin of red paint. Who knows. It is part of his legacy, and a big part of my happiness.

So after setting the jack plane just right, I could take off a third of a millimetre per pass, just what was needed to adjust the head ledges to match the ledges for the body of my centreboard case.

About paulatkins

I own a 3rd generation family businss printing for lovers of photography. My favourite hobby is building and sailing wooden boats.
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